#GivingTuesday and the Metropolitan Society for International Affairs

It's #GivingTuesday! This year, keep us in mind! 


This year has been an exciting and important for The Met Society, and we are thrilled about the response we have received so far. But as the United States and the World enter a new and likely very unpredictable era, clear thinking and new ideas on Foreign Policy and international affairs are more needed than ever before.

Our commitment to creating a new US Foreign Policy consensus on openness, peace and modernity remains solid. You know that. If you're on this list, you know our mission.  There is serious work to do, and we need your help to make it happen!

Consider making a donation to the Metropolitan Society for International Affairs and help us advance our work.

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We've already cleared a lot of hurdles and accomplished early goals:

  • Onboarded a roster of exceptional IR scholars, who are already producing excellent analysis work for the Met Society
  • Held our formal Launch event in New York City
  • Held regular Foreign Affairs and Foreign Policy events in New York and DC
  • Established outreach with foreign policy institutes in New York, DC and Boston
  • Began relationships with foundations 
  • Secured pro-bono office space for our work, in New York City

Now we need your help for our 2017 goals:

  • Fully Fund the Fellowship Program
  • Support the rollout of our podcast programming 
  • Put on more great live events in New York and DC
  • Fund our outreach to Foreign Policy schools, cultivate and engage with the next generation of US scholars and practitioners

The journey ahead will be long and ultimately rewarding. We thank you for your support so far and look forward to continuing this project with you. We wish you an excellent holiday season.


Peter Marino
Executive Director