It's fall in New York City, and Met needs your help!

It's election season in New York City, help us make a difference in NYC politics!

At the Metropolitan Society for International Affairs, we care about New York City and its future. We're working for a strong, autonomous City and a clear, powerful direction for the City in the World. The world's greatest city deserves a global role and civic culture that matches its status. Help us make it happen!

It's election season, so everyone is paying attention to politics in New York. At the Met, we're going to be taking advantage of this to get our message out to New Yorkers, the media and our politicians alike, through print, radio and the web! Help us amplify our message and strengthen our cause by supporting our work on New York City foreign policy!

We need your help to make New York City foreign policy a reality!

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Just because it's cooling down outside doesn't mean we're slowing down!

Help us keep working for New York City!

Ab Urbe, Ad Orbi - "From the City, to the World"

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Concrete jungle where dreams are made of!

We're already hard at work! We've been making our case for you in the New York press, with publications at Gotham Gazette already making headway in New York City political circles and putting us on the map. This autumn, we'll appear in many more publications, podcasts, newspapers and blogs. 

We have a long fight ahead of us to build policies and civic culture that put New York's global destiny more squarely in its own hands! The 21st century is going to be the Metropolitan Century, and New York deserves to lead and set the example for all global cities!

Help us make it a reality!

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New York makes the world go 'round!

Building a new approach to foreign policy for the most complex city and the most influential country in the world isn't easy work, and it doesn't come free. We need YOUR HELP to ensure that we can continue our hard work. New Yorkers can help make these aspirations a reality!

Whether it's $5 or $50 or $5,000, your contributions matter to us! Please support the Met Society to help us advance.

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Waking up to a Newer York!

Your tax-deductible donation pays for our work!

We've been endorsed by other smart New Yorkers, like this guy, Ian Bremmer.

The Metropolitan Society for International Affairs is the next generation of think tank. Global politics has changed and the ideas industry needs to evolve too. The Met Society is on the front line of international affairs - wait and see what they do next.
— Ian Bremmer, President - Eurasia Group

Someone will build the New York City of the future. Let's do it together!

Big Changes are coming to New York City! Let's be a part of them!

Big Changes are coming to New York City! Let's be a part of them!

Help New York Re-Become the Greatness we never weren't!

We all love New York! Help us show it!

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