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We are the Metropolitan Society for International Affairs, and we are building a bigger, brighter future for New York City in the world!

We are the first nonprofit think tank dedicated to creating global and foreign policy for New York City, working to move New York City toward a stronger and more autonomous role in international politics, cultivating an understanding among New Yorkers about our unique place in the world, and creating the foundations for a New York City government that sees its global role as strongly as its local one.

Our work helps develop critical understanding of New York's unique metropolitan interests, from Albany to DC to the rest of the world. We create policy ideas to help the NYC government secure and extend its global role, and protect these interests, together with other American and global cities.  We write and research the role of cities and explore the unique dimensions of New York's global position. We create policies and advocate for the future of all New Yorkers.

For centuries, Cities were at the center of global affairs, powerful and influential actors in their own right, nodes in massive global networks of communication, trade, exchange and politics. As the political, social, economic and technological currents of the 21st Century reshape world, the time is right for New York step up and claim a new global future for itself!

Join us today and help us create a stronger New York!


What do we do?

  • We write and publish on local, national and international politics, both here on our site and through other media outlets
  • We run events here in New York City to share our work with the public, with NYC government and political experts, and to raise awareness among New Yorkers.
  • We develop policy ideas and proposals for the NYC, NYS and US government to help move New York City towards a more autonomous role in domestic politics and global affairs
  • We work with other cities and think tanks to coordinate and collaborate on policy ideas for a metropolitan future
  • We develop systems of political analysis and communication to facilitate our policy work

Our Current Policy Areas

Metropolitan Foreign Policy

Metropolitan Security


How can we help New York City establish and maintain important, useful and beneficial relationships with other cities around the world? Countries have ambassadors and embassies, consuls and consulates, but what do cities have?

The Met Society is working to develop ideas, institutions, and practices to help New Yorkers and the New York City government think about its interests globally and to act on and pursue them.

The challenges of keeping New York City and New Yorkers safe in the 21st century are orders of magnitude more complex than they were when our current ideas about policing, health, environment and infrastructure were developed in the 19th and 20th centuries.

New York City needs ideas and policies that reflect the complexity and intensity of the 21st century, to think about all of them collectively, develop Metropolitan Security, and strengthen New York City’s role as an autonomous global leader

Corporate Sponsorship

The Met Society is just what we need more of: smart nerds doing the hard work. Eurasia Group is proud to support them.
— Ian Bremmer, President - Eurasia Group


The Met Society runs regular events in New York City, both for our members and for the public. We want to provide places to share our work, engage with New Yorkers, chat about global politics, and just take advantage of the excellent venues, and food and entertainment that New York City has for us. What’s the point of being a global city if you can’t enjoy it??

Our monthly political discussion series, City Talk, brings Met Society specialists and outside experts together with our members and other New Yorkers to go over policies and proposals and politics that affect the City. We also run panel discussions and policy launches of our research projects, with local politicians, activists, business executives and academics. Join the Met Society to receive special invites to these events

We also host our “MetroParty” once a season around The City. Tickets are open to the public, include great food, drink and music, and proceeds help support our ongoing operations at the Met Society. Meet some excellent New Yorkers, have a great time, and help advance the work of an international, autonomous New York City.

We’ve got other events in the works, including pub quizzes and policy street fairs, so keep checking back! And check out our Instagram for great shots of our events!

Good times in The City with the Met Society!

Good times in The City with the Met Society!

Membership in the Met Society

Membership Levels

  • Contributing Member - $75 / Year
  • Supporting Member - $150 / year
  • Superb New Yorker - $500 / Year

We depend on the support of our members and sponsors. If you’re interested in the work we do, care about New York City politics, want to meet other New Yorkers who care about the future of our City and stay at the forefront of political developments in New York City, join us today!