We work to develop and spread critical of New York City's unique metropolitan interests, from Albany to DC to the world. We are creating the foundations for a New York City that sees its global role as strongly as its local one.



Metropolitan Foreign Policy

We're making the case to all New Yorkers that, in an era in which national and metropolitan interests are no longer mutually shared, we must take it upon ourselves to develop and establish the institutional and policy structures necessary to voice our own metropolitan interests through our own actions.


Metropolitan Security

New York has long been in the global vanguard of metropolitan security, with the NYPD as the world’s first professional police force, the first professional fire department in the US, and the first counter-terrorism unit inside a police force. In order to help New York City stay at the forefront of developments in Metropolitan security, The Met Society is developing policies, frameworks and objectives that take a more comprehensive and modern view of the question.


inter-metropolitan relations

Countries have embassies and consulates and foreign policy and diplomats. But in the modern era, cities haven’t had their own global institutions. As metropolitan citizens, we have expected that our global relations will be handled through our national governments. But this is now due for a revision.