Metropolitan Policy Development


Our mission at the Met Society is to help New York City move towards a more autonomous role in international politics. This will involve the creation of policies that don’t currently exist, departments that haven’t yet been created, and funding that hasn’t yet been raised. Our work at the Met Society is to help craft those policies, design those departments and figure out how to raise those funds. This is the central work of a think tank.

At the moment, we are working on two policy verticals for innovation in international and metropolitan policy: Metropolitan Security and Relations among Cities, or what we call “Inter-Metropolitan Relations”

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Rethinking Metropolitan Security


We all know that keeping New York City safe has never been a simple job. It involves the NYPD, the FDNY, emergency medical personnel, hospitals, policy coordination and many many other fields of expertise. But in the 21st century, it’s becoming even more complex. Cyber security, international terrorism, biological security and even the consequences of climate change need to be brought into the mix as we begin to get our heads around what kinds of institutions and practices we will need to adopt to make sure New York City stays safe, secure and prosperous for all New Yorkers.

New York has long been in the global vanguard of metropolitan security, with the NYPD as the world’s first professional police force, the first professional fire department in the US, and the first counter-terrorism unit inside a police force. In order to help New York City stay at the forefront of developments in Metropolitan security, The Met Society is developing policies, frameworks and objectives that take a more comprehensive and modern view of the question. We publish papers, essays and policy briefs on our ongoing work, with public events and media appearances to discuss, as well.

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Creating Inter-Metropolitan Relations


Countries have embassies and consulates and foreign policy and diplomats. But in the modern era, cities haven’t had their own global institutions. As metropolitan citizens, we have expected that our global relations will be handled through our national governments. But this is now due for a revision. As global networks among cities get stronger, denser, broader and more significant, connecting them to each other in unique ways, we are faced with the question of how to establish more formal “Inter-Metropolitan” Relationships.

This will require innovative and imaginative thinking. It’s been a long time since cities have had to organize themselves to pursue their own interests autonomously of their national governments. We will have to answer questions like:

  • How can we define and describe New York City’s specific international and inter-metropolitan interests? Which of them are core interests? How do we prioritize them?  
  • How can The City work with the US Government (USG) to amplify its own interests? How would we handle a situation where our interests diverge?
  • What kinds of institutions and officials do we need to create to manage these interests? How do we train these people?
  • What metropolitan relationships are the most important?
  • And very importantly, how much will it all cost, and how do we pay for it?

We are regularly writing op-eds and policy papers, talking to journalists, business leaders, culture and education executives and city politicians to work out these ideas. Check out our recent publications

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