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Hello out there! It's springtime for ... Well, Everyone! And that means getting a jump on the rest of the year! Here at Met, we are launching our 2017 Capital Campaign, and we need your help to advance our mission!

Welcome to 2017! World powers are battling nefarious computer hackers named Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear. Autocratic China has become the defender of free trade, and the U.S. president has live-tweeted a congressional hearing. If 2016 taught us that politics is the art of the impossible, 2017 is teaching us that the rules of conventional political analysis no longer apply.


Yes, I'd like my political risk with a side of 2017 Absurdism, please

Help Support our 2017 Spring Campaign!

Enter the Metropolitan Society for International Affairs...

Doing the hard work of Political Science, National Security and Foreign Affairs

The Met Society is home to the next generation of political analysts: we’re academics, entrepreneurs, and data scientists. We’re reimagining not only what political analysis can uncover, but what it can achieve. Gone are the 100-page reports filed with jargon and outdated null hypothesis testing. Instead, we’re creating engaging, accessible research and cutting-edge models that will use machine-learning to revolutionize the study of geopolitical risk.

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We’re working  to cultivate an engaged populace, so we can preserve and enhance the achievements of liberal democracy, armed with nothing but our creativity, intellect, and firm belief that new thinking can change the world. But influencing the debate and building momentum takes money. Namely, your money. Whether it’s $5, $50, or $5,000, we need your support.

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Your tax-deductible donation will power our laptops, pay for our co-working space, and fund our innovative digital initiatives.

Just consider what we’ve been able to achieve in the first quarter of 2017:

·      Our original research has attracted industry-wide attention.

·      Our proprietary system for quantifying political risk launched its alpha prototype and developed proprietary software, a real first for a Think Tank so new!

·      Our fellows have expanded our regional and policy expertise, now covering all major global regions, and more than five topic specializations, including trade, cyber warfare and climate change

·      Our core operational team has expanded from One to FOUR, our board, and core of hardworking volunteers have grown.

·      Our political gatherings in NYC and Washington D.C. have attracted large and growing audiences.

·      Our weekly podcast featuring conversations with up-and-coming political analysts recently launched and is now on its tenth episode

·      We have even been endorsed by Eurasia Group, the most prominent firm in the Political Risk Field, and Ian Bremmer,  a leading public intellectual on international politics

The Metropolitan Society for International Affairs is the next generation of think tank. Global politics has changed and the ideas industry needs to evolve too. The Met Society is on the front line of international affairs - wait and see what they do next.
— Ian Bremmer, President - Eurasia Group

He also once described us this way....

Truly, it was an honor to be so called

Truly, it was an honor to be so called

Help support our 2017 Campaign!

In an era of Trump, Brexit, and warfare by keystroke, we can no longer rely on established models and orthodox thinking. We need new minds, new methods, and a new mission. Thankfully, The Met Society has all three. We’re only missing one thing: new money.